Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Janmashtami 2015

Lord Krishna was born on Janmashtami Day in the month of Shravan at midnight. This day is celebrated all over India with many festivities by fasting and praying to him.

 The Pre- Primary section celebrated Janmashtami in school with lot of enthusiasm. Children came dressed in colorful traditional clothes on this day.

Legends and stories of Krishna describe him as a naughty and playful, boy. Lord Krishna’s childhood was enacted beautifully by the little students of Prep Senior who also did the matki phod and the maha raas.
We did the aarti and Prasad was distributed to one and all in the classrooms.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Prep Junior.. Healthy Lifestyle

The importance of staying healthy was beautifully explored through a number of learning engagements in Prep Junior. Students explored the various avenues that help one to stay healthy and fit. They have learnt about daily routines and habits, eating a balanced diet , importance of physical activity , hygeine and also about personal safety, all of which would benefit one to have a healthy lifestyle.Learning a number of rhymes  and exercises , field trip to the gym, cooking experience , have all  been a part of this unit .

Nursery...Red Week

Its lovely to see Nursery students come happily to school and they now seem to have a sense of belonging. Students have settled down to the school routine and are enjoying the various activities both indoors and outdoors.
Celebrating the Red week was so much fun. Beautiful classroom display in Red colour was indeed fascinating for the little ones.Wearing red clothes, creating art work  , show and tell , singing "My Red balloon", enjoying the raspberry jelly and a  red drink , all of these brought a smile on their faces as they enjoyed every bit of it.
Visit to the E.M.E temple was their first field trip this year. Children enjoyed the day out of school and explored the place with teachers and friends. A great way to build social and self management skills.

Just a few snapshots for you to enjoy !!View the slide show.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Nursery Green day

Nursery students celebrated the Green (Colour) Day with lot of eagerness and enthusiasm. Dressed in different shades of green, students brought a green coloured object of their choice and shared them with their friends . The classrooms looked lovely with green backdrops and with pictures related to the colour green.Students had lot of fun with palm printing and vegetable printing and were happy to see their work up on the classroom boards.Children got camouflaged with the colour green during their nature walk.
The highlight of the day was a green tattoo on every child's hand to show off !! 

Some snapshots of this day is on the slide show. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Taking a trip -Prep Senior

Prep Senior students have been exploring the Unit "Taking a trip" last month where students have had hands on experience in planning and organizing a field trip from school. With their tutor's guidance, students  learnt what all goes into planning and organizing a trip from school.

Students listed down all the things that they needed to dowhile planning a trip and finally decided to go on a field visit to Pujan and Param’s farm at Bhayali. 

Once the place was finalized, students drafted a permission letter asking our PYP coordinator, Viraaj Ma'am and Administrative Manager, Joshi Sir seeking their consent.

We then designed a route map and asked students to collect the toys, medical kit,etc for our trip. Just before leaving our students used a checklist to confirm if we had taken everything required, thus unpacking the key concept of ‘Responsibility’.

Students took a tour of the farm and were then played in the garden .They strengthened their social skills while playing in groups and taking turns and also while sharing their snacks with their peers.

Our student’s enthusiasm and curiosity made this trip more interesting and developed their communication, social and self management skills.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Happy and Smiling ... Nursery Grade

Nursery students have settled down with the school routine and are enjoying them .They are now a part of the Morning School Assembly at the Pre- Primary section.  They have had some exciting activities, in the last few days which include water play, story dramatization, counting cars at the parking area, making patterns on floor,  colouring activities,  rhymes  and much more.They are learning to mingle with other children in the class and are making new friends.

Here are some pictures on the slide show for you to take a look.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

First week at Nursery

A big Thank You  to all the parents for their support & patience during the child's first week of school.Students are settling down and becoming familiar with  the new surrounding. Most of them have adjusted really well and we are sure the others too will eventually settle down.So far,children are getting used to their classroom rules and routines.They  have been fantastic at trying to be independent.

In the first week,children had been engaged in a number of  activities like free painting, dance, playing indoors with toys, clay, blocks, browsing books, listening to stories and  rhymes.Children are moving around freely in the corridors of the Pre- Primary section and have also explored a part of the big school.

Teachers have planned a number of interesting activities for the coming week which includes story dramatization, puppet show, water play and many more.

Take a look at some of the pictures on the slide show.

Thank you for your support and hope your child has a wonderful year ahead.